Sometimes Technology
Can Be Entertaining.

Let Nitro Make it Boost


Award-Winning Digital Interactive Entertainment Platform

Powered by Innovation

Our online digital interactive entertainment solutions support a unique and unparalleled competition experience to achieve your business goals.

Nitro Interactive Inc. deliver all the tools and
technology. Our licenses need to present their players
with the ultimate entertainment experience.

  • Powerful Engine
  • Customized Experiences
  • In-Play Software


Predictive Sports

Generate maximum revenue with enhaced user experience created by our Trading, Product Development and Operations teams.


iGaming Platform

Optimise and execute your strategy with
the NITRO Interactive Jupiter 7 Platform

  • Digital Interactive 
    Entertainments Content
  • Payment Gateway
  • Modular Platform Approach
  • Integrated Account
  • Custom Interface
  • Centralised Terminal Management


Commercial & Omni-

Operate smooth and intuitive in-shop customer interfaces for independent banking and betting.